I have a LP copy, while it will be awhile before I do anything (Gotta get a job, a new guitar, a new amp) I was wandering if it would be worth modding and putting high price parts on it.
Its just a bland LP copy, I tried redoing the paintjob and it came out bad. The neck is ok, although the action is kinda high.
I was wandering if I should spend about $500 fixing this les paul copy up or if I should buy another LP and fix it up.
If I should buy another, which brand should I buy?
if u wanna spend that much just buy a new guitar... im selling my esp ltd ec-1000 for 600 if your interested. otherwise maybe a regular epiphone les paul i guess
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I am getting a new guitar before this, and maybe the $500 dollars was overexaggerated. Something like $200-300 dollars.
I'm trying to imitate slash's les paul.
Theres no point spending so much on a low end guitar. If its a really low-end LP copy, then it could be plywood. IMO, dont bother.
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yea you could change the pups... and give you a nicer tone.... or atleast closer to the tone you want... but then your guitar would turn from ****, to polished ****... (in a manner of speaking, haha)

Its your guitar, you can do what you want. But id recommend against it.

But with that being said I have a gibson SG faded, and I absolutely love it, although some people hate them (but from my experience gibson's faded series can either be awesome or really ****ty...)

But i love mine, lots of sentimental value, and I got an entire list of **** that I plan on doing to it...new tuners, bigsby, just put a new bridge pup in, humbucker covers, a pull/push switch to activate the black ice distortion mod, locking roller bridge. Haha i gotta save some money first though, although i recently ordered the covers

but I mean with that being said, its your guitar, but if you just want to do it because its a low end guitar and you wanna make it better, it can only go so far
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