Cool progression. The first three chords of it remind me of "You're Beautiful", though. ><

Cool lead work. Very twangy, in a good way. Love when the doubling comes in. Very cool use of sparse effects. It's a shame that it ends so soon, though.

Overall, nice piece - definitely develop it more. =]

Crit for crit?
Thanks for the feedback, ill crit you back in a few min. here.

yeah i am planning on finishing it, i just was moving and i made that the day i had to break down the studio and move it over to the new house so when it gets back set up i will def. finish it.
Where are you mic'ing your lead acoustic from? Or is it plugged straight in? It's sounding a bit thin.. if you're micing, make sure to get the mic more directed at the sound hole. In either case, try adding some compression to the lead guitar work, to fill it out a little more.

I dig the vibe, and the drums are sounding great.

if you've got some time,

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