Heres my situation, i was playing my guitar outside my college waiting for the bus and a member of a band asked me to join, i naturally said yes. Now here's the huge problem. I play metal blues and 60's/70's rock and this is a mariachi band. Now the huge kicker is that the first paying gig (BTW first paying gig or gig in itself for that matter every band i have been in has been a bunch of slack asses who would rather spend time doing nothing) is this Sunday less the seven days from now. Any suggestions on anything i should learn to do before sunday. The faster the reply the better prepared i will be.
Dont play a genre you dont like or you are not used to...You will make a fool of yourself
you do realize that playing in a mariachi band doesn't require you to actually play anything, you just have to wear a big hat and LOOK like you're playing stuff.

just whatever you do, do it for the senoritas.
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Well, I agree with the person above the person above me. Stick to your genre. Makes it much easier to get into what you're doing.
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Play Meshuggah. It is the solution.