I know they really don't matter, but what's the difference between Abalone and MOP?And which is better?
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they come from different mollusks. most manufacturers use plastic/arcrylic anyway.
they have no bearing on tone and are just for decoration.
Abalone comes from the shell of a bivalve called an Abalone. It tends to have more swirling colors. Mother of Pearl comes from oyster shell (I think.) It tends to be more monochromatic. Other than looks there is no real value except as a position marker or decorative inlay.
i personally like abalone more, but w/e and isnt MOP synthetic?
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MOP is strictly a creamy, textured white (possibly a little yellow if under an aged finish). Abalone covers quite a spectrum of color, generally with green being a little more common and brighter than the other colors. There are other shell inlays that tend to illuminate other colors, such as pink or blue.
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