I just bought a used guitar (because hey, I'm not about to pay full price for an old [2005] guitar.) It's in pretty decent condition, apart from a couple scratches on the back and front.

What can I do to get rid of these? Is there some kind of finisher I can put in the cracks and then smooth out to make it match the rest of the body? It's got a poly finish on it, so no nitrocellulose nonsense to worry about here.

Thanks again, guys.
i wouldnt worry abotu scratches, your going to end up getting scratches unles syou keep it in a bubble and never let it out. but if you want you can:

take a sand paper to it.
take a finer sand paper to it.
leave the clear coat on though.
reprime it.
repaint it, but sinc eyoua re already this far, do a custom paint job.
take some very fine sand paper an even the stuff out.

not worth it.
you consider 2005 old?
dude... a guitar from the 50's is the way to go!
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Paint a design on it, I did it where there happened to be scratches (didn't think about them at the time), and you can't see em.
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For a poly finish, GT88 can remove superficial scratches quite nicely. Wax when you're done.
how deep are they? You may be able to just polish them out.

With deeper scratches, if they aren't too big you could always use CA glue and fill them in
Try automotive buffing compound after giving it a "light" wet/dry sanding up to around 1200 grit, and then follow with polish/wax; unbelievable results. You might want to just try the buffing compound/polish/wax first if the scratches are minor.

Good luck.
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if you're this anal about the finish

imagine what you'll feel like when you dent it
i have a 'white guitar'
The scratches are pretty minor--but they show up when light hits it in a certain way. You know how black finishes are.

I think the GT88 might be a good bet for me--not sure as to which wax I should use afterwards, though.
yeah, just do a polish/buff on the body. Sand the body with 1500 then progress to 2000, wipe it all off, see how the scratches are by then. Then use a buffing compound, and buff the crap out of it. Let the bdoy cool down and apply some carnuaba wax and you should be good.