Hello everyone.

I have read through pages of posts and used the search, cant find a answer for my price range.

I just started playing a week ago and I am hooked. I picked up a squier start for my first. It came with a sp10 amp. I would like to upgrade but not sure what is good in a $300 price range.

I am mostly into rock but do like metal as well. Since I am still new I really dont want to blow a whole lot for a amp right now. I am hoping to spend no more then $300. I was looking at the Line 6 Spider III 75 or 30. Having done some searches I found some people say they are bad while others like them.

Any opinions as to which amp I should get in a $300 price range? For the people that don't like that amp, Can you tell me why, or what it is about it you don't like. I like the programming you can do with it.

Thanks a lot, and look forward to talking with you all.
Wait longer. You've been playing a week. There's still a very good chance that 3 weeks from now you'll hate guitar.
Thanks guys for the info. I do plan on waiting, but would like to do plenty of homework.

I looked at the vox's, and most of the reviews are saying the speakers will blow after a short time at mid volume, or something else will break.

Thanks and I appreciate any help.
Roland Cube 30s are a tried, tested and solid choice. Plus, they're built like tanks, so don't bet on them breaking early.