I'm not so sure whether or not i'm in the right place but i don't see a lot of female guitarists. does anyone know any amazing famous (or not) female players. I'd like to know.
meg from meg and dia is a pretty sick guitarist
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my favorite female guitarist is Search Button, shes pretty good.

the Great Kat, yes that is a stage name
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I see a lot of female bassists these days but not many guitarists. Anyways check out google you'll find a ton.
I like Allison Robertson of *The Donnas*

Shes rocks...

Rumor is ...she came out of a time machine from the 70's...
she sure sounds like it!!
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Bonnie Rait(sp?) sorry i dont remember how to spell her last name and i dont fell like looking it up now haha **** it too lazy. She's a great guitarist and one of the best and most famous slide guitarists.