Whats the impotance of writing music as opposed to improvising everything and then turning that into a song?
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if you can come up with a quality song, the way you go about writing it doesn't matter.
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Yngwie once said "Improvisation is the genesis of composition" or something along those lines.

I used to do so that I made a backing track, improvised over it, recorded it and then called it a song. Nowadays, I write the themes and a lot of other parts but I still improvise some parts on the spot when I'm recording. I think I get better results this way and it's easier to change things and revise the songs later.
Well I've found that as *shudders* Yngwie said, composition starts with Improv. Personally, though, whatever riff I write never seems to fit any other riff I have written, and if I am to weave them together into some coherent song then I have to sit down and go through a quite analytical process of modulating keys and such...just linking chords together so that killer riff in Bb sounds good with that riff in E.


You can do about anything if you know how to link chords together.
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Improvisation is instant composition. Only... In a pre-written composition you can erase, add, alter things and all that stuff.
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