ok so i know you guys get alot of these....but there is an oldies song that i cannot seem to find anywhere... i looked on google yahoo lyco's..etc..it's an an old song..the lyrics are as is..

what's your name what's your story..
and the chorus is like
all the seasons of love...

if anyone know's this song..it will really give meaning to the word life...
i've watched the change in you..
Oasis - Morning Glory?

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I wrote this story so many days ago
and the words kept falling onto pages.
Without the loss we can't go on
and with the loss we became strong.

Common Foot ....you ****en Rock......i Love You....
i've watched the change in you..
For future reference you can go to http://www.findlyrics.com and type in some o fthe lyrics and give some information about the song and it'll give you songs that match the lyrics.
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