I'm normally a metal player on my RG1570 but the only acoustic guitars in the house belong to my brother.
Take a look at Ovations. I really like their acoustics.

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Try Zagers at zagerguitars.com and also look at Parkwood Guitars (probably cheapest all solid wood guitar you will find. Sold at GC and Musicians Friend. I have both and both are great guitars.
Five brands to check out in your price range.
Epiphone (Masterbuilts Only!)

I'd personally reccommend either a Breedlove or an Alvarez, both make orgasmic mid-range guitars.
he said it^^

Also, if you do decide to try a parkwood, just to let you know, quality can be variable. They are good on paper, and if oyu find a good example they can be great, but if you find a bad example...well...not good. Dont buy online whatever you do
Well I broke all the rules and bought my Parkwood on line. I did it based on the reviews of owners on Musician's Friend and Guitar Center where there sold. The average rating was between 9 and 10. Which means if they had a lot of problems the rating wouldn't be that high. Someone would complain. Anyway I've had good luck buying guitars this way. On line or otherwise. Parkwood 310M is a good guitar in my humble opinion. Well worth the money. List is $500 and they usually sell for $300 and are all solid wood.
yeah I still wouldnt recomend buying online unless you live somewhere where you cant actually go to the shop. And I would still be wary of quality, cos unless they have changed since i last heard, some can be fantastic and some can be crap
I like buying online because I don't have to fight about returning it if it sucks. The local stores won't refund anything... Just "store credit"... not even a guitar cord adapter.
yeah but then you cant try it out.
One Alvarez PD80S isnt going to sound the same as the PD80S in the shop down the road. They all tend to sound different, and unless you can actually see it and hold it, who knows what your getting. Plus in a shop, if you buy regularly you can usually get stuff way cheaper than online.
I know a guy whos been buying from the same shop for 10-15 years. He gets stuff extremely cheaply, the problem there is that he already has soo much stuff, but he still buys if he finds something he really likes because he can generally get it so cheap.
You cant beat a shop for things like that.
If you Live in North America I would suggest you Godin Guitar, they're good guitar and they're not too expensive, Art and Lutherie is good too, they're not as much 'popular' but they are very good guitars.
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