hey have any of you guys had any experiences with the carvin legacy or V3? i hear amazing things about both of them and they are decently priced. do you think they sound as good as a mesa dual rec or a marshall jvm? i was considering one but i would like to hear some feedback/ experiences, keep in mind im looking for a warm clean tone to a nasty modern metal tone. thanks guys.
the legacy and v3 are quite different and neither sound like a dual recto or jvm. i hear this one guy, a killer player, demoing the legacy and he sounded very close to joe satriani and steve vai. the leads sounded pretty good and the rhythm was nice but nothing like the recto. the V3 has a solid rhythm tone but can get fizzy with leads (can be dialed out tho). search harmony central for V3 clips as ive heard a few there and also check out the carvin site if you havent (including the forums)
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I know the rhythm guitarist of Sanctity uses a Carvin MTS, his tone is pretty righteous.
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The 1970's tube Carvin amps were fantastic. My friends dad has one, I played through it and loved it.

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