i just started playing guitar again and i noticed my finger on my left hand (fretting hand) and wrist aches after playing.

could it be the way im playing or the guitar neck im playing on. Cos im playing on this relli old electric guitar now that has a relli thin neck............

so ... any idea what it could be?
make sure you are not squeezing the neck too hard. also do not practice too much of the same thuing repetedly. your tendons and stuff need time to become used to playing guitar.
Also if you're playing standing up, make sure you're not hanging the guitar too low. Adjust your guitar strap so the guitar hangs at about the same height as when you're sitting down in a chair. When I stand up my guitar drops maybe an inch, that's where I'm comfortable. If the guitar is too low your wrist is in an awkward position to bend enough, especially for barre chords. It puts your wrist in a position where it has to bend inward too much, so it gets sore.
Hmmm...I wonder what this button does...

just relax and dont try too hard.

when the pain starts STOP cause you wont build your chops that way ------you´ll tear em down.

listen to my advice ha ha.
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