im planning to buy this set up >< not now tho...
but i want to know if this set up is bad or good?
i dont have that much money thats why i choose cheap stuffs

is the guitar ok?
the amp?

any suggestions? comment?

thanks XD

OT: what is the diffrence of 20 watt, 35 watt,15 watt? in amp?
i dont understand that thing?
can anyone explain what is it?
Watts are the measurement of power in the amp, and a rough indication of volume
Don't know about the amp/guitar though
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At first look i'd have to say that anything that is tarted up that much has got to sound awful. Sorry but when I see a lot of fluff on a mid-low end acoustic, 99 times out of 100 they sound like two dog balls rattling together.
Whats so fluffed up about that guitar? I think it sounds fairly okay, lacking in the lows though. Played it once or twice at the guitar store. unsure about amp though.
These guitars sound EXCELLENT plugged and unplugged, I just ordered the EW20MBENT. I played one of these at Guitar Center and thought this thing must be like $1000, and couldn't believe that it wasn't. I was REALLY impressed with the quality/sound/features for the price.
That guitar looks just like the Dean Exotica that is suppose to be bad from what I heard in my topic, this one better?
Well yeah, teh guitar looks nice but in terms of sound its probably worth 100 - 150. It has no solid woods used, its all fancied up to get the people who want something like that and dont know much about tonewoods and whatnot. you have to spend ALOT to get a good sounding guitar that looks as good as that. In your rpice range you should be getting something with either a solid spruce or cedar top (soundboard). Unless it says solid it's not solid, even if it says genuine or select or wahtever. 99% of the time a guitar with solid woods compared to laminate will sound better, this may not be the case if your spending 100bucks. but for around 400 you can get a very good guitar with a solid top.

As for amps and wattages. Watts are just a power rating, gives you an idea on how loud an amp is going to be, but keep in mind, double the power doesnt mean double the volume. It goes something like a 100watt amp is 10 times more powerfull than a 10watt amp, but only 2times louder (roughly).

Not sure if its a good amp. My cousin has a Marshall AS100D but its worth quite a few hundred dollars. Its pretty sweet, has a **** load of options. maybe have a look at the AS50D, its worth about 350
the guitar cost about $300 i think...
the amp is cheap cost less than $100

thanks for that johnos...
im still looking for the AW models...
ive heard lot of good things about it..
but i really want to have a good looking XD guitar heheh
like the guitar above
it looks really nice but as others have said im sure at that price, those looks must mean a compromise on sound quality
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Quote by DumbKim
the guitar cost about $300 i think...
the amp is cheap cost less than $100

thanks for that johnos...
im still looking for the AW models...
ive heard lot of good things about it..
but i really want to have a good looking XD guitar heheh
like the guitar above

Well, I have heard predominantly bad about Ibanez acoustic guitars.
Most people agree that theyre not good value for money. So keep that in mind
I know a friend who has an Ibanez and it sounded pretty okay.. kind of twangy though, the sustain was is bad, but he likes it.

P.S.- Johnos: Love your avatar!!
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Well, as far as guitars go, Ibanez makes some good ones and some el cheapos. The guitar for you is the one that is comfprtable for you to play and sounds good to your ear. IF and when you can afford it, make sure it has a solid top, avoid the laminates. It may cost a bit more, but it will sound better and age gracefully. I've played some Ibanez acoustics that were great, and some I couldn't put back on the rack quick enough.

Amps...most of the Ibanez acoustic amps I've checked out sound pretty good, don't know about quality since I've never owned one and don't know any players who have so I don't know if it will hold up to gigging and the resulting abuse. I'm just getting together with a band and soon as we start gigging my first equipment investment will be an acoustic amp, I'll be looking at Peavey first, Ibanez and maybe Acoustasonic if I can afford it. 35 watts will be more than you'll ever need for the practice room, and probably will handle most small to medium clubs. I've played a very similar Ibanez, not sure if it was the same model, but made so it tilts or sits straight like that one, it sounded good. I plan to go for more wattage, I'll be onstage and I like headroom, especially for clean sound and acoustic.
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i have an acoustic Ibanez and i think they are pretty average. mine is ****ty. that one looks pretty cool and the amp is acutually pretty good. i played my guitar on the same one at the shop but i didnt buy it because im poor.
the guitar isn't bad...i tried the Exotic Wood Series and it wasn't that bad...But there are better acoustics around for ibanez...Just go and try them out yourself,we can't do the choosing for you cos its our opinion and not yours,so you might not like it in the end...
The only thing i'll say is, like johnos said, never ever ever ever (except if you've got money out the wazoo) buy an acoustic based on looks, it's just a bad idea. Grab a couple of different guitars of the shelf that are rediculously out of your price range, play and listen intently. Then spend the next month or so trying to find something in your price range that sounds almost as good.
I own exactly the same model... I have this IBANEZ... first of all... for the price the guitar is okay. The neck slide pretty well. But this guitar is good looking for sure, better than she sound. She's very nice. The cut away shape allows easy acces to higher note.

My point of view... unplugged she's so so... but play it plugged... and WOW... that is the best point of this EW20ASE-NT