Poll: do you say F*uck when you are with your parents
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Yes.... sometimes
34 35%
YEAH! ALL the time
14 14%
nope not at all
36 37%
maybe once or twice.......
14 14%
Voters: 98.
ok eeryone knows F*uck but why do we love saying ?

and do you say F*uck when you are with your parents...??

sometimes, and its easier than saying what it actually means
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I say it whenever I'm angry...

I don't say it around my parents. But I don't say much around my parents, cause it always leads to arguments. ><
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nope, cus they wud kill me
Wow, talk about overreacting. o.O
Ive said it a couple of times i guess. Like when i was doing a project and the power suddenly went...cant blame me can you? They do mind but as long as its not a word frequented in front of em, they dont really do anything!
Let me put it this way. This is the last thing I heard my dad say

"****ing piece of **** cat. Get the **** off me, if you want to be fed go ****ing feed yourself"
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Let me put it this way. This is the last thing I heard my dad say

"****ing piece of **** cat. Get the **** off me, if you want to be fed go ****ing feed yourself"

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I say it around my family. It's not like they haven't said it/heard it before. It is just a word.
Main reason I don't like it is that generally it's used when someone can't (mainly) be bothered to actually think of a literate phrase.
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say it all the time around my friends, but my mouth cleans up as soon as i know my parents are around, or they might nit let me out...
that was actually me a few years back, but ive generally cleaned up now, i have a more extensive vocabulary now, so saying thins other than it is pretty easy
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It's the aggressive K sound.
You get the same thing with cocksucker or cunt.
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Little trivia for ya. The word fuck can be said a few times in a British film at the certificate 15 unless it refers to sex where the rating will get pushed up to 18.
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**** can be said in pretty much any rating in Australia. I say it when im really pissed off. sometimes my parents are like "'watch your mouth""
I use it when I'm angry, but that's it. So I use it alot then...heh.
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Sure I can say it around my parents, they would probably be pissed if i went off on a tourettes style f-word marathon though.
We all love saying it because the little AAARGH you can implement into it so nicely

and yeah, I'm from the Netherlands, so it's no big deal here.
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i never say it. lately i've been rlly pissed so i might spaz out and say it to myself, or in my head but never allowed. one tiem i was rlly pissed and said it to my bro and sometimes when my mom is around, but she never notices, i just like say -uck, like i don't say the f part cuz i don't want to swear, but i want my bro to get the message that im pissed at him. lol i never get pised much though so i don't swear much i like to relax
me and my frends say **** (and swear) the most when we're playing video games

and ^ wtf??!?!?!?!????
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