Im playing a BC Rich Beast and i seem to have a problem with the strings. when i fret the strings, it touches the next fret and it gives a weird *thunk* sound. what is the problem here? Should i just change the strings with a thicker or thinner gauge?
your action is too low, or the truss rod is screwed up.
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i think your strings might be too thick, this happened to my fender squire when i put a .46 on the bottom e string but mine doesn't seem as bad as yours sounds, i got used to it. I've also heard that it is meant to do this because it makes it easeir to hold down the fret and u cant hear it when playing on an amp. Thats what i think anyway
It's very obvious even through the distortion.. yeah, i prob will try changing it to a smaller gauge. it seems logical.. ohh and nope, everything on the guitar is in good order.. its just one particular fret thats f*in up the whole sound..