chuck norris's son
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Quote by Mattmakesmetal
I thought u were kidding...but apparently not.

seriously??? what makes him famous/special except for his dad
he's an actor in straight to video action films.
none that are particularly popular, but nonetheless he's an actor....
besides he's Chuck fucking Norris' son man!
Not really, but I do have a friend with a jenna jameson jakson kv3......... Interested........????

If you want me to take anymore pics from any different angles or anything just let me know, There are a few scratches by the neck plate but other than that there are NO scratches anywhere, and the ones by the neck plate are very light. It is missing one volume knob, don't know where I put it.

EDIT:also there are no chips in the fins or anything
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His signature is ****ty, and i think he ruined your guitar
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if somebody did not want the sig. on it a little alchohol would take it right off. and when is the last time you saw anybody famous that had a good signature??? they are usually a few key letters and a bunch of lines lol