Poll: Which Wah is best?
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Dunlop Crybaby
9 25%
Zakk Wylde Crybaby
1 3%
Dimebag Crybaby From Hell
9 25%
Slash Crybaby
7 19%
Other (please state)
10 28%
Voters: 36.
Of these Wah pedals which is the best in terms of sound and value?
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only plan on getting 1 if ur gonna mod it!!

Edit: dont go with the dunlop range, how bout try out some of the vox's, ive herd there ment to be rly good.

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ive played with most of those pedals...and i liked the tone and wah-age that i got from the original...which was used by hendrix
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The dunlop wah range is pretty shabby and really not worth your dosh unless your gunna mod, a Vox will be better. Look in the ultimate wah thread, it has a list of loads of wahs, prices and what they are best for, and if they are actually any good.

Also doesnt the slash wah use a wierd power^^ like 18v or something.
Fulltone Clyde Mccoy anyone? or Real Mccoy Custom.
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The wahs in the poll ftl. RMC, Fulltone and Vox wahs ftw.
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I like the sound of Dunlops but they are not very durable. The pots tend to wear out with heavy use. For durability and decent sound try the Morely's with the optical pots.
why has no-one yet suggested the Ultimate Wah Thread? The answers all lie within.....

but seriously, the Dunlop Original Crybabies are ****e
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From what I hear most non rack Dunlops arent great quality...
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I'd consider Vox, great pedals

And follow this link, it should give most of the answers you need.
Ultimate Wah Thread
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i've got an original crybaby, but the vox ones are good to.
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