I like to think i have a relatively individual writing style, well, at least a bit.

I was wondering, how do you guys break out of standard writing and make something that really stands out? Not neccessarily because it is the greatest piece ever, but because you write it in a way that not many people do?

For example, I happen to believe that Stellar_Legs writes in a really different, unique way. I know one of his pieces the moment I see it, same with some other people on here... although their names elude me right now.

So yeah, question is, how do YOU make the things you write different from other peoples, and stand out?

And if that's just how it comes out, were you always unique in your writing styles? Or is it something you worked on?
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I'm a huge fan of tropes. If you can get the right trope, you can make brushing your teeth sound like a poetic experience.

But mostly I just like taking the cliche and looking at it differently. I'm working on (have been working on) a song about image and how the images we draw for ourselves can hurt us in the end. The main idea is that a tattoo of an angel, which is a very cliche image, is not really an angel, because it cannot fly and it cannot praise God. So, if we let our image take hold of us and forget who we are, we become an image of an angel, but we lose that which makes us angelic. If that makes sense. I just like taking common ideas or really simple, every-day images and really getting at the core of them to turn them into something new.

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I like to think I have a lot of imagery and metaphor and sometimes I play around with rhyme within a rhyme, alliteration etc. I stick to simple rhymes though, ABAB or AABB, simple Iambic pentameter, etc, because I can't place vocals to my own lyrics, so I just write it as I would speak it. They're more like poems but still songs to me. Content-wise, I usually stick to neurosis, vulnerability and isolation- Pete Townshend is my main influence, so that's why. The songs I've posted (the two in my sig, plus one more in my profile ) are somewhat like that (my Untitled song is most like my style) but I have lots more that I haven't posted that typify my style better.
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I feel like I'm pretty average usually. My main influence lyric wise is probably Neil Young, as I love his simplistic approach which can also be incredibly deep. Unfortunately, I've got a long way to go in that department.

One thing I've got going for me is I'm not really afraid of what I write. I could care less if it's a silly love song, because if that's what came out, then that's what was supposed to come out.

I Usually create my pieces from a situation, or a thoguht, with some kind of slanted or dark view to it, and within that scope there is no end of inspiration.

If you just want to change your style, the copy someone. Pick a writer and try to write in their style, and before longyou will find that you can do it while still bringing your own style into it.

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Mine's a bit odd(it comes from my Floyd addiction) I take noises, and I try to get something with my guitar to make a sound that's close to that noise, and I go from there. That's how I start writing. It's completely mental, but it produces the coolest results. I'd suggest it to anybody out there to just try it.
well originally i wrote in the worst way (short words, short phrases,and anything that rhymed went in) .. but i got really tired of writing that way. by experimenting i found a nack for non-rhyming, inricate and short poems/songs and it really stands out.
personally i think its easy to make it stand out by using a very unusual topic, or very unusual metaphors..(of course, that's obvious)...
but think about how many times you've seen a song that compares the most simple things!..

its also an outstanding song if people have to question it. if it just doesnt seem to make sense, but you know theres hidden meaning.
Deftones do that a lot.. theres all this weird content to it..
on songs like 'Mein' , 'Korea' and 'Feiticeira'..

but it takes a lot of work.
to me, at first, nothing sounded right and nothing seemed to work the way i wanted it,
and by experience and by reading and listening to a lot of other works you find out what sounds appealing.
you occasionally find your own little signaures too.
I've not been writing long enough to know what's involved in having "a style".

I just allow the words to come out when something hits my brain,
then strain out some of the good bits.

Once the pasta is drained, I just toss it on the plate. Then add some sauce, if I can find any.

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My writing is really sarcastic and sometimes I point out the flaws of a line in the next line, or something like that.

And I try to make my lyrics as agressive/energetic/wild as I plan on acting whenever I sing them.

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I strain out the good stuff from the watery drivel. Then I add embellishment, if I can.
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I release my inner liberal every morning when I take a shit.
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I wont be like those jerks who dedicate their beliefs to logic and reaosn.
I write lyrics about common things I see like a gluestick would be to quit 'sticking' to your old habits, think outside the box and stop caring what other people think.
A ruler (It was in school ) would be about crossing a line, finding a critical point or drawing a line in the sand to quit (addiction? attitude? old habits?) Then edit like hell while keeping with the idea.
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I don't think of my style as really all that different from many people but I like to use a lot of medifors (probly spelt that wrong) that way a song I wrote that means one thing to me will mean somthing elsse to another. but I'll mix that with free verse writing style and I come up with what I think is different style of writing.

example is a song I wrote about how getting off drugs ****ed up my life and I used a shadowy figure that jumps body to body to decribe my behavor at that point in time. I was the biggest asshole at that time and from that people started treating me badly. but when I ask what other people think of when thy read it I get many different answers. like 'its a break up story', 'suicide letter', I even had somone take it litraly and thought I was talking about monsters and demons killing people.

how I see it is if no one can see the true meaing of the writing then they will have there own and at that point its personal and almost like I'm writing about the reader or listener. and I rather have someone come up to me and tell me what my lyrics mean to them then tell me something like 'oh man that was a ruff time you had with that girl wasn't it?'.
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I've been told my style is very unique.

The thing is, I'm hardly ever honest when I write, and my songs are usually fairly tongue-in-cheek exaggerations of emotions that I happen to be feeling.

One time, I wrote a song entitled "Let's Hook Up Baby (Just So I Can Break Up With You)"

It's often very brutal and mean.
ive grown fond of writing my first verse in free verse with maybe a few rhymes to help flow and then use that structure for other verses. i got tired of writing 4 or 8 line verses in ABAB, so i decided to try something different