create a camera and a dummy object to move the camera around and you could make a video walkthrough. There are many guides on how to do this on the net, it can be quite tricky. And if its just a quick walkthrough, use the default renderer or it might take ages.
in simple terms, you can't. you'd have to export each building as an object an integrate it into a program to be able to do that.


^People on my course have done flythroughs of autocad models in 3ds max so it can be done
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^People on my course have done flythroughs of autocad models in 3ds max so it can be done

yes, you can do flythroughs very easily, yu create a camera, and animate the camera, then render it through the camera's perspective. However, the TS asked how he can have it so the camera is affected by the keyboard, which can't be done in 3ds Max.

But then again, what would I know, I've only been using it for a few years.


c'mon you guys. Last i knew, MAX could still export to VRML. do that (tuts on google, i guess), and then get a VRML viewer. VRML may be a bit old, especially graphics wise, but it's great for presentations. never used VRML though .

We should make a group for all MAX users on UG, and then hope someone makes a group for MAYA. then we could spend all our free time bashing the other group.

AWESOMEEDIT: Just checked, and it seems you can get some pretty damn sexy visuals in VRML
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Is he paying you? If not, just render them out and tell him to **** off.
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I would export the 3d models and write a small program in OpenGL which allows control of the camera.
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You could import it into something like, unreal tournament editor, then you can use your character to walk around it. But you would probably have to texture the whole thing again and you would have to learn to use the editor, which can be glitchy if you dont use it right.
I think you export it as an stl then import it, but im not 100% sure as i did it a couple of years ago at uni.

But yea its an idea you could look into.
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and what about buying 3d game maker program.
but wich one?

Game making programs = at least 10,000$. Good luck on buying one.

Btw, why in the name of god are you still usgin version 5??? Get version 9 now ffs!

As for the camera mouvement, there's an option in version 9 that lets you move the camera with the arrows, it's on the bottom right of the screen. Just click and hold the little hand sign and choose the foots option. You can then move the camera with your arrows and mouse pretty much like in any game. I have no idea if that is available in version 5 though.

Good luck.
I Would suggest that you exported the files to Blender

Blender is a free 3d modeling app and it has a built in game engine which you could use for moving around in a house.

Once you have setup everything in blender you can export it to a .exe file so it can be used on different computers without blender
Are you sure you looses the texture? try looking at the building, press Shift + 0 to put the camera where you are looking and then press F12 to render. if you have textures there it may be the draw type that is wrong. Press Alt + Z or Shift + Z it will change to textured mode.

to export the exe file you first need to do File > pack data (to pack the textures with the game) then File > Save runtime.