I'm looking for a cheap Bass and amplifier for a friend of mine. She's been waiting a long time now. Yesterday was her birthday, so now whe has some money, about €150.

So at the moment we're both looking for a bass and an amp that costs less than €150 (inculuding shipment) but we can't seem to find anything. The cheapest set I've found costs around €190, sent.

Maybe you guys can help?

By the way, it needs to be shipped to Belgium.
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LOL...can't help

Then why did you post?

Is she just starting? If so, I would suggest a starter kit.


I had that kit when I first started. However, I don't know if MF ships to Belgium. Are there any musics stores near you?
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The closest starter's kit was in the Netherlands, wich costed €190 (including shipment.

And yes, she is just starting.