Hi guys, Im hoping u could help me out here, I just bought a Fab Distortion Pedal a while ago, got it tested at the music store before bringing it home...

However when I tried to power this baby up at home, it would not turn on...I tried a direct connection to my amp and guitar works perfectly fine.
I'm using a NEW 9v battery to power it up, tried it with another battery also but they wont work...the music store used a battery also and it worked fine.

The pedal has only 3 controls, 'level, tone and distortion'...and of course the footswitch to press on to turn the pedal on...

The manual has something saying 'this is a high gain device, start with level control at 25% and advance as needed'....i've tried to do what that meant but still no effect.
There is obviously no seperate on/off switch.

I've so sick and desperate to get it working properly....any suggestions would be awesome!

Thanks in advance,
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it's probably the cable, test both directly into the amp and see if one doesn't work
And make sure you're using the right polarity power supply.
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I've tried both wires direct to the amp and they work fine, however I have to mention that I'm just using normal stereo cable wires plugged into the 3.5mm converter adapters cos my guitar cable broke down months ago....maybe thats where the fault lies?

Anyway to MrCarrot, Ive made sure the batts are put in alrite, but still not working.

Thanks guys.
Go back to the shop and try it again.
The Laney Thread are big and clever. No exceptions.
Its common to get a few more lemons when you buy budget items. Not trying to be ignorant but did you step on the switch? Just exchange it. And use the proper wires.
Try to use a power adaptor.
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