So i'm playing live in a couple of weeks and I have a bit of a problem. Its a holiday club for kids and the guy up the front will at some point introduce the band. Now the drummer will play a 5 second solo when they mention his name, and the bassit etc as well. I'm sure you've seen it done before.

Can u guys point me in the direction of a 5 second kinda solo when they say my name.
just play a pentatonic riff in E or whatever.
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Agreed, play a few simple pentatonic licks, maybe with a few pinch harmonics too. Think "Hotel California" when the solo kicks in.
hey, you dont really need to play something weird and difficult.. a simple pentatonic lick i think would do the job! Really, consider a normal-speed solo on a E or A pentatonic scale as they appeal to everyone..

Now if you still want something more special, consider showing off an advanced technique that you have mastered, like tapping or even sweep picking arps etc..! But remember, guitar is not for showing off..!