how many people have actually heard of kamelot? ive just recently discovered them. theyre a good prog metal band. obviously not as good as symphony x, but still really good. i dont have much of theyre music. only the album "karma" and a couple of songs off "the black halo."
actually they are considered as a power metal group. I like their music, even im not a fan of this kind of metal, but i can't hear a second of their vocals.. But still, nice music for headbanging! :P
oh, yeah thats right. i forgot theyre power metal. what do u mean u cant hear a second of their vocals? whats that mean?
I think he doesn't like their vocals.

I, on the other hand, are the biggest kamelot fan on UG probably, and yes they are considered powermetal with some proggish influences. I love Roy Kahn's voice, imo the best voice I know (oh yeah, better than Geoff Tate, Michael Kiske etc.). You should check out all of their work with him on vocals, their early stuff isn't really interesting but albums like "the black halo", "ghost opera", "epica" and "karma" are divine! By the way, check out their DVD: "one cold winters night", best music dvd I know!
yeah, ive looked into the black halo, karma, and ghost opera. its all really good. they have their own sound. i cant really think of another band that sounds like them.

oh, flamencogod, i think u should look into symphony x, their singer is a beast as well. in my opinion, he has the best voice. he can be really aggressive at times, and smooth at others.
yeah, of course I know about russel allen... he is one of my favourites to. But I like Jorn Lande (masterplan, solo) even better when it comes to those kind of vocalists! He is REALLY good anyway! I wish I could sing like him!