I put a rubber band where my "e" (or 1st string for all you classy motha ****as), and tuned it. And it snapped in my eye...

And now my eye is bleeding.

(I am high as ****)
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That my friend is called Darwinism, weeding out of the idiots in the population.

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I can't imagine anything worse than shagging to Mark Knopfler.

Maybe shagging Mark Knopfler, but that's about it.
Hahahaha, I've heard pretty fun stuff today, but by far this is the funniest.
Rubber band in the eye... You sir, are a qualified idiot
nobody gives a **** how high you are.
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You just wasted 1 minute of my life.

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^ UG doesn't need more deuche bags, especially in the customs forum, go back to the pit where you belong!

sorry about your eye dude, how did it sound before it popped? Did you really get it to an e?
this thred is great im makes me currius, did it sound like a nylon string ?eh?
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T Heff, No shit I'm a n00b

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EDIT: t heff wins the for the best response.

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i im gonna have to agree with t heff
haha dont listen to the people crying... this is good stuff... made studying for my calc III test better
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