i was messing arond with my neck pickup trying to get a different sound and i lowered it , but a screw on one side came out and it wont screw back in. If anyone can help me out it would be great thanks
remove any thread-lock that might be in the hole, or on the screw. secondly, take the screw out and try again....SLOWLY...so you don't cross-strip it.
Depending on what guitar you have you will have to remove the pick up and mounting ring (les paul type) or take off the pickguard (strat type).I assume the screw you are talking about is the height adjustment screw. There is going to be a spring that sits around the screw between the base of the pick up and the pickguard or mounting ring. put the screw in from the top thru the spring and then restart the threads into the pick up then remonut it and adjust your height again.
From what you are saying it sounds like you just loosened the screw too much and the pick up dropped down to far for the screw to thread back in.
Hope this helps
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