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Coming off the back of an unsuccessful second album "7800 Degrees Fahrenheit"; a second album where so much more was expected. It was make or break time for Bon Jovi, the next album would seal thier fate either way; it was widley known thier record label were ready to drop them if the next album failed.
A new producer was brought in to replace Lance Quinn. Bruce Fairbairn was the man chosen; he had done some work but nothing noteworthy, so the band took the thirty or so songs Jon Bon Jovi and Richie Sambora had written to Vancouver to begin recording. before the recording process it was suggested to Jon that an outside writer should be brought in. Of course this idea was frowned upon, but Jon was talked into meeting the man in mind. Desmond Child joined Jon and Richie in Richie's parents basement; by the end of the session You Gave Love a Bad Name had been finished and Jon was sold. The three songs written with child that made the final album were the already mentioned You Gave Love a Bad Name, aswell as Livin' on a Prayer, and Without Love. Incidently Jon Bon Jovi thought Livin' on a Prayer was not good enough to make the album and wanted to sell it to another artist, Richie Sambora saw the potential for a hit song and convinced Jon to give it another chance; the rerecording turned into one of thier most recognizable songs.
The album also went through many name changes. Wanted dead or Alive was considered; an album cover was even made, But most oddly Guns n' Roses was considered after Jon was sifting through the local paper and saw an advert for a little know band. The title finally settled on was "Slippery When Wet" Jon has said the name can mean anything you want but keyboardist David Bryan has said it was named after a dance routine at a strip bar where the girl would slide down a wet pole.
The album was released on August 18 1986 and was an instant smash, selling 26 million to date, and spawning two number one hits.

"Let It Rock" (Bon Jovi, Sambora) – 5:25
"You Give Love a Bad Name" (Bon Jovi, Sambora, Child) – 3:44
"Livin' on a Prayer" (Bon Jovi, Sambora, Child) – 4:09
"Social Disease" (Bon Jovi, Sambora) – 4:18
"Wanted Dead or Alive" (Bon Jovi, Sambora) – 5:08
"Raise Your Hands" (Bon Jovi, Sambora) – 4:16
"Without Love" (Bon Jovi, Sambora, Child) – 3:30
"I'd Die for You" (Bon Jovi, Sambora) – 4:30
"Never Say Goodbye", (Bon Jovi, Sambora) – 4:48
"Wild in the Streets" (Bon Jovi) – 3:54


Slippery When Wet has suffered many critisisms, mainly focusing on Bon Jovis' brand of rock music. The commercialism of the album and the fact it also appealed to a mass demographic served to alienate metals core fanbase; many of who went against the fact Bon Jovi seemingly traded off thier lead singers looks (something Jon Bon Jovi has always denied).
Critics also pointed out Bon Jovi relied on Desmond Childs involvement. Jon and Richie have since insisted that the core songs had already been finished and that Child merely patched them up, turned them into hits. Child himself has never refuted these claims so they must be taken as legitimate. Besides Bon Jovi had many hits post Slippery When Wet without Childs involvment, so this argument holds little water.


Slippery When Wet catapulted Bon Jovi to superstardom; a perfect example of "pop rock"; taking the lessons Van Halen and Def leppard had giving and taking it to the next step. It laid a foundation allowing Bon Jovi to still be successful today, all br it by pandering to trends.
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