A few days ago, my friend broke his amp and we were discussing the worst case scenario that he'll have to buy a new one. His current amp was a VOX AD30VT (£129) and he's looking into getting a new one, so having the advantage of the Ultimate-Guitar forum, I thought I'd ask here, to help him out.

So anywhere equivalent, better (please state how) and around the price range would help. And I'll hopefully be able to answer any questions if you have any to help you help me - help him.

Much thanks.

Oh, PS. I heard there could possibly be a good Peavey amp that is just as good. Price isn't a problem, but would be good to mention it, lol..

And if you could, try and locate the amp @ www.gak.co.uk - since he would most likely order from there, or any UK based website if you know one.

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Just go get it checked out, its prolly not that huge of a deal. Or get a 6505.
Epiphone Valve Special 5 watt combo. Epiphone Valve Standard 15 watt combo. Peavey Nano Valve combo. Peavey Valveking 112. Peavey Windsor Studio combo. All on the site. All reasonably priced tube combos.
What sort of sounds does he want, or what does he play? and really how much is he willing to spend.
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Just go get it checked out, its prolly not that huge of a deal.

yeah, +1...

Do you know what's wrong with it?

There's not much in the £129 range that might be better or even as good. One of the 15W Laney Valve amps (£169-218) would be a major step up. Not sure what Peavey you're thinking about. The Bandit is a hybrid amp like the AD30. Pretty nice for what it is, and a lot more powerful @ 80W. They sell for £195.
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