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some people ..


oh c'mon... it's not that bad... most of the explosion is going to be "out"... and it's not a heat explosion or anything... it's just a pressure explosion... I'd do it.
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nice one, Darwin Award +1
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Stukart, you're the most awesome human being I have ever met. I love you
awesome lmao
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^ ^

And how about the noise ? I think that dude's ears might be ****ed up .
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Hahaha I'm in class right now and I laughed my assed off. So did my friend sitting next to me. That was some really stupid stuff.
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i love you

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So old, but pretty funny.
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In the changing rooms we'd all jump around so our dicks and balls bounced all over the place, which we found hilarious.

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......did he die........

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you cant make a male musician choose music or sex, its like asking a fat man twinkie or brownie

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it's "I moan" backwards
No, it's I maon.


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thats so great, the noise actually made him fall over.

this played in the backround of my reading guitar pro stuff, and i near ****!
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Almost lolworthy. Perhaps if a giant zombie penis ascended from the musty earth and swallowed the lifeless ice-carcass, it may have conquered the final boundary of "lol".

Yet alas, it wasn't to be.
It's just a Dry-Ice bomb,The worse thing that could have happened was make him deaf.

Depending on the situation,I'd do it.
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That was pretty funny
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