Hey I was wondering what the tiny terror's sound is like. I'm sure ull agreee with me that i need a better amp.

The orange tiny terror is a great price and ill also get the 2x12 cabinet. Because I won't really be able to use the big onse in my house and i dont really need that size anyway...

I play alot of indie music but also some stuff with higher distortion like punk. I dont play metal much but i do somtimes and ive heard orange arent good for high gain. But I supose a good distortion pedel will do it right?
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I tried one a dew days ago, but not through an orange cab, i tihnk it was a peavey, but it sounded quite good, i played it literally for 2 mins before the amp i wanted to try out was got from the storeroom so i cant be of much help. Sorry
Search for the "Tiny Terror Doom", there's a thread called the TT Doom Squadron with loadsa TT users and info.
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