Alright, maybe ill get better feedback on this forum. Well, as said this is my first song, please don't knock it. Be polite and say you don't like it nicely. If you do like it, great. If you have any improvement ideas for it, please let me know. You may have to download the recording program i used from:http://www.kreatives.org/kristal/. And at the beginning of the song theres a pause, in this pause my friend plays a mini solo type thing for about 20 seconds, i don't pause for 20 seconds, but you get the jist.....and i merge into it w/ the first riff/verse. Well, here it is: (i really hope it works this time.)
Why Must You.zip
Hey bud, I really wish I could listen to your recording, but I think the reason that you've got no comments is because nobodys got the time and patience to go through the process of Dloading and installing that Kristal program.
But maybe nobody has to? When you have your recording open in the program, try going file>export and if there is an option you should be able to choose what type of file you want to export as. Either mp3 or wma are fine for everybody, and then all you have to do is either edit this post or make a new one. To get people to listen to it, you can upload it to your mp3's in your profile, or go to a website like PutFile.com and create an account, upload the song, then post the link to the song.
I guess that sounds complicated, but bear with me, it isn't really...

crit me?