Hi guys, further to my last thread I took up your (mainly Dave_Mc's) advice and had a look into Marshall heads. What I came up with is This one,
Will this have nice enough cleans and a decent overdrive? As I said before, I'm going for Metallica or Steve Vai type gain, but buying an overdrive pedal isn't out of the question.

Is does this head hold any water quality-wise, or is it some piece of junk that will break or sound rubbish? I don't want a Line 6 Spider or MGDFX type amp ever again.

It's pretty much an expensive MG, I'm sure when Dave told you to look at marshall's he didn't mean that junk.
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To be honest, the AVT series isn't that great. It really isn't much of an upgrade. It isn't all tube, and just generally isn't worth the money. Factor in the money for a cabinet also and you could get an all-tube combo instead that would truly rock.

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it's crap, as hamish said i wouldn't have advised you to get an avt, i have the 100 watt combo and loathe it.
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