heyhey havent been here in a bit, schools been busy, but i decided to go experimental and try some fruity loops stuff. lemme know what ya think, cfc of course!


"From the Ocean to the Sky"
dude, what about an actual solo in death metal instead of that poof from linkin park. Think of Pulse of the Maggots - Bed Of Razors

Wow...this is the kind of stuff that I could sit around at home listening to all day. Really great job man. You have great recording quality btw, what do you use? C4C me please!

very well done song, the stereo panning at about 2:50 in is great. Drum track is kinda boring, but the focus is on the guitar, which is excellent.
Amazingly beautiful. Seriously, I'd love a whole album of this stuff just to listen to while relaxing. Such beautiful textures. Love the ambiance, love the percussion (simple but fits PERFECTLY), and I love the guitar tone. The panning is very effective as well. I love it when the chords come in. So breathtaking. Man, is there any way I could download this track?

(No really, I'd love to be able to download this. It's a beautiful track.)

Sorry if I sounded a little redundant with all the "beautifuls", but that's exactly what this track is. Excellent job.

My song is incredibly inferior to this, but cfc?

Edit: Your other songs are wonderful as well. Downloads?
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I would add a little reverb on the percussion. But that's it.

This sounds awesome through my headphones. I'm ready to sit and chill now.

Nice job on the spacial stuff, the panning is fun, too (if not a little disorienting, in a good way).

If you get a chance,
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i really liked it, really nice

my only advice is the drums couldve been a little more realistically sounding
You should really upload it (and Four Dimensions as well) so I can put it on my iPod.
this is real relaxing, i like the tone of the cleans with the delay. i think the drum loop could of varied a bit but all in all its great to listen to if your into the whole 'Fusion' kinda thing


i'm kinda into the whole Ambient metal thing, which is what mine is based on. with a piano break down at the end of course
wow that was pretty sweet. Its different than most anything I listen to but it still caught my attention the whole time. Good mixing also