I got the DVD today at Target and I consider myself lucky because I got the last copy...too bad I couldnt find the CD when it came out. On the back it says something about hidden bonus features. Has anyone else found any of these hidden features? I have had no luck so far and I would really appreciate it, as well as others, if somebody would let me know about any bonus features that are encountered.
You should delete this one and take this to the Dethklok thread. I have to wait for a week or more till my DVD comes in the mail, but if you do end up finding the bonus stuff, please let us know.
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i got the dvd, its the most br00tal thing ive ever seen \m/
ive only found a few of the special features, on disk 2 theres a lot of them in the Dethklok logo, and i think theres some on dick 1 too but i just got it yesterday and i havnt had that much time to look for them all yet