asking price is $250

what i have here is a Yorkville 4x10 + horn cabinet. its in great shape, been used for loud jams maybe a few times in its life with me. I bought this used originally around $500. the guy was a bit of a schyster, but i thought it was a good deal at the time and was in the phase "GOTTA GET A BIG AMP!GRR"

the only bit of damage is internal. i believe it lies in the crossover in one of the inputs.. its has 2 jacks you can plug into. only 1 (one) of these work. not sure why.. never looked at it myself.. but as is, the cabinet is fully functional and ready to go.

anyway, this cab has been very good to me. very even sounding, and LOUD.

its rated at 500 watt @ 8 Ohms.

I'm willing to trade this away for a combo bass amp, something in the 100 watt range with either 2x10s or a 1x12 in it. or any other interesting gadgets you may have.

now the tricky part, this amp is only available for pickup in Victoria BC. ( i have no car, and dragging this to the post office on my back??) if you have to drive here, i'll cut you a deal for the cost of gas. (no i won't pay for plane tickets from australia :P)
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