I'm in a situation where all my normal "Job" income has to go towards bills and necessities. I was wondering if anyone else in my same situation has any ideas on how to generate "side income" to pay for their guitar hobbies. I'm an adult, so please no "ask your parents" suggestions. Besides, my parents don't even talk to me, cause I'm just THAT freakin' metal \m/

I've been partially successful so far, as outlined in my blog (sigged, don't wanna spam), but I could use some more income streams to help me afford at least part of the multi thousand dollar guitars I have my eyes (and drool) on. Let me know!!

(And I'm not above selling myself for money, but I need an acting pimp... apply within!)
Well see if you can do any more hours on your present job, or try to find a small part-time job that doesn't coincide with the hours you're doing at the moment. You gotta work for it dude
I should mention too, that I have two small children, and I already work about 12 hours a day... I have minor amounts of free time when I'm supposed to be sleeping, but getting another REAL job is kinda out of the question... (damn reality!!)

I'm willing to work, just gotta have a good place to do it in a not-so-normal fashion...
It almost seems like you may want to start thinking more about the kids, and set some realistic long term career goals, but hey I'm no Dr. Phil. Just Suggestions.
- Sell a kidney
- Gamble
- Sell drugs
- Sell moonshine
- Sell one your kids
- Steal
- Prostitution
- Become a Spammer
selling stuff on ebay is actually good idea not as a job like some people do(dont think that actually works)
but its good for smaller things like saving up money if youre busy like yourself
Send me off to bed forevermore.
More seriously. Your profile says your a programmer and you seem like a techy kind of guy. Try and get some gigs building PC's for people, or fixing them, installing ****, making small crappy websites for companies, stuff like that. It doesn't sound like your looking for a crapload of money here, just an extra $50-$100/mth or so to throw around and that may be a reasonable way to get it.
Quote by RatmN'Roses
selling stuff on ebay is actually good idea not as a job like some people do(dont think that actually works)
but its good for smaller things like saving up money if youre busy like yourself

Also a good idea. If you build up some positive comments then you can also start offering to sell stuff for friends that they're trying to get rid of for 10% or whatever.
The best idea for your sitch, I think, would be for every paycheck to set aside x-number of dollars. It will quickly add up. Sorry, that's all I got.

You can fine small contract jobs on these sites.
Many small projects available. I have used one site before and did a few small projects and made some easy money .Can't remember the site I signed up with though
I did an job for one local guy starting a web hosting business. My contract also stated that I still retained all rights to the source code. I was able to resell that same code (with some modifications) to 2 other companies with very little additional work from me
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Some awesome ideas! I have done programming work on the side before, for people who work at the company I'm at. Websites and PC building/repairing too, when I can.

I never got much hope from those "Programmer for Hire" websites out there like eLance, and the like, as there usually seem to be swarms of foreign workers willing to do $100 dollar jobs for like... $5.

I will definitely have to check more into that, since you said you had some positive experience with it.

I don't have any issues SAVING money, exactly... it's just that 99.99% of my income is spoken for (kids, bills, rent, etc.), stuff I can't legitimately steal from to put towards my guitar fund.

eBay may be a good idea. I just have to find some reasonably valuable stuff and the time to auction it off.

Thanks for all the ideas, though... they're very much appreciated!
Just a thought, you'd have to put together a good backing story, but a bottle drive. Go around the community with said story and offer to take their bottles to recycling. Good cash there if you've got the right realistic reason