Actually I don't know if this is stupid or not, but.. what's the difference between active and passive picks,ie: the emg 81 and 85 is what i'm wanting, and it says they're active, and some others say passive , i just want to know the difference.
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actives have batteries
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Active pickups require power (batteries) to work, passive ones do not.
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Active pickups generally have a built-in or use an onboard pre-amp to boost the volume to levels where it can be heard (without the pre-amp, there's no way you could hear the pickups through your amp). As it's been mentioned, these all require batteries to work.
Passive pickups rely on your strings vibrating and disturbing the pickups magnetic field to produce a AC signal that is picked up and then amplified by your amplifier. They do not require batteries to work - keep in mind that you can add an active pre-amp to a guitar with passive pickups to make it active.
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But yeah, your question was answered already and there isnt' much else to add.
Uhm, usually active pickups just have an on board preamp or eq don't they?
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