I love my strat to death, but while it sounds great, I'm looking for something different for the copious amount of jazz I play. I am a university student, and I major in music.

Some ideas that I would like

- Semihollow
- Preferably minihumbucker in the neck, but full size is just as good.
- Still capable of (classic) rock.
- 25.25 scale length - very important, strat scale is the only thing I find comfortable.
- Nothing too pricey, the limit is between about 600 and slightly over 1000 (the latter of course taking much longer to save up for.. either way it's going to take a few months).
Im not an expert on this type of guitar but an Epiphone Riviera looks pretty good and is around £600. Well Im also an american strat man and I play in a jazz band and it sounds fine but i get why you want a hollowbody. Have a look around some guitar shops.
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Check out the new Hagstrom line the Swedes and Super Swedes are a good solid body lp type but the pickups are really warm good for jazz and rock If you can find an original one from the 70s even better.The Swede has a tone selector switch and the super swedes come with a coil tap switch instead.I have a 71 Swede and compared it to the new ones and they are bang on.Except the fact they are made in China now.
Don't let that scare you just make sure you can try it before you buy it.(quality control)
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Ibanez AS73 Semi-hollow (335 style.) $329.
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those new xaviere semi-hollow strats and teles are all the rage over at HC at the moment. there's a thread on them, might be worth considering.

No idea if they're any good, of course. EDIT: they're like $200.

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