Ok, so for my birthday I've decided I want a new mp3 player. My mini-sized iPod Shuffle isn't doing me any good. I have a budget cap on it of 200 dollars, and I've narrowed it down to two players: the *new* iPod Nano or the Zune. I've tried to come up with some of the pros and cons of each, and here's what I have so far:

iPod Nano:
  • "hey thats new and no one else has one" factor
  • the iPod brand name
  • 24 hour audio battery life
  • 5 hour video battery life
  • 3 hour total charge time
  • Thin design

  • 8GB Space < 30 GB of the Zune
  • Doesn't come with a sleeve
  • You have to deal with iTunes
  • Smaller Screen

  • 30 GB space is nearly 4 times that of the Nano
  • Larger screen
  • FM Radio built in
  • Wireless
  • Comes with a sleeve
  • No iTunes required

  • May feel uncomfortable in my pocket
  • 14 hour audio battery life
  • 4 hour video battery life

That's all I've come up with so far, but I don't know a whole lot about the two, so that's where you guys come in. What do you think? Can I get a public opinion on which one is (most likely) the better choice?
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I think it's scary that your first two points are:

- "hey thats new and no one else has one" factor
- the iPod brand name

It's an mp3 player, not a fashion statement.
I got one player with 2 gb, simple led screen and no weird functions, it plays almost 36 hours on 1 battery.

For just 30€

Just what an mp3 player needs to do.

I'd suggest a simple model and keep the money in your pocket.
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Go with the Zune, I've never heard of it.But 8GB will be used up too quickly.
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The Zune is really big and bulky though, compared to the newer Ipods.
I say just get the Nano, it's small, compact and itunes is great.
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I'm happy with my Sandisk Sansa E280- got it for £90 (about $150?)

It's 8 gb FLASH memory- and it has the option of an extra 2gb on an SD card. It also plays videos and can store photos!
I'm mostly leaning towards the Zune because of the large space on it-- I have a lot of music & videos on my computer (heck, over 8 Gigs of Guns N' Roses stuff ALONE) and I'm fairly concerned that the 8 GB on the Nano won't do me enough justice. Plus, as my music library is constantly expanding, I'd like to know that I have plenty of time before the space runs out-- I hate having to scrimp and save with the sole gigabyte on my little iPod Shuffle, leaving out songs I may just so happen to have an urge to listen to at any moment. I'm not badly concerned about the size of the Zune... I have some fair-sized pockets on my pants anyway (not baggy pants, but they've currently got enough size to hold a cell phone, a couple pencils, and my iPod in one pocket).