Okay, so my mate had this black mini guitar that he bought of someone for £2 (don't ask how he got it so cheap!) and for some reason i gave him £5 for it the other day. The paint on it was a little worn and there were some dents in the wood, so, i took it home, disassembled it and sanded it down, filled in the tiny dents with wood filler and then sprayed a quick layer of primer on it. I noticed when i was playing on the mini guitar the strings quickly came out of tune and when i bended the strings, for some reason, it sounded terrible. I also noticed the pickup was very quiet and buzzy. So, i though it would be a good idea to get some new parts for it! I'm thinking of getting a set of new black machine heads, a new black fixed bridge and possibly a new pickup. With the pickup i was wondering weather i can carve out a new cavity for a humbucker pickup, possibly a Dimarzio X2n or EVO. And also wondering if the machine heads and bridge would fit, as the guitar is a 1/2 size one. And if anyones got any cool ideas for a color or design pleas post them! (At the moment im thinking a fluorescent orange with the black hardware)

Heres a link to pictures of the mini guitar

All help is greatly appreciated!!
Make sure the frets are okay before putting any money into it. You should be able to route out a humbucker cavity with no problems. As for the machine heads, just take on off the 1/2 size one and hold it up to a head on a full size guitar.
Do a crazy paint job, like a swirl with 5 oranges, or put something like a flamethrower and overload it with LEDs..... maybe thats too over the top.
I do like the flourescent orange though.

btw, what is the scale length on that?