Picked up an acoustic, a Washburn, at the pawn shop a month ago. Never held a guitar in my life, but I'm a decent pianist(chords), as well as a drummer and singer, so that didn't hurt. Right now, I can play any open chords, and I'm getting deeper into 7th, maj7ths and further down on the neck. I can play, with minimal buzzing, but with some time to get positioned, A position and Em position barres, still working on E position. I've played around a bit with picking, but I haven't gone into it much.

I practice 30 min every day, up to 2 hours on weekends when I don't have much else to do. I'll probably start playing on my worship team soon. Any tips/suggestions/how am I doing?
Work on chord changes and alter the rhythm of what your playing when you pratcice. So maybe start 1 2 3 4 then 1+2 3+4, + + + +, 1+2+3 4, 1 2 3, 1+2+3+, 1 2+3 etc etc. It simportant to work on your patterns as much as your chord changes.
id say practice a little more hen 30 minutes
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id say practice a little more hen 30 minutes

Theres no need for that. As long as its 30 minutes of good practice not just noodling around then ill bet you progress faster than 90% of the people on this site! I know im guilty of noodling quite alot Maybe ahve a look into the music theory? Im not sure how much you know already being a pianist but what ever...
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Know your theory, then play like you don't.

I know music theory decently, probably more than most. And really, I spend probably an hour every day, but not all of it is practice. My pastor is a good guitarist and an even better banjoist, so we are practicing with bluegrass stuff too, which is cool,