Maybe I'm retarded...but I think much music really needs some decent music...I mean, yea, mainsteam is okay...but I'm sure there are some die-hard metal fans who would like to see peace sells one more time on the televisions...or people wanting to see Kurt play heart-shaped box again...lie...megadeth just released a few new videos....I wish they could play those, too....so basically when you click yes, you are voting for more variety in those music channels...awser the poll, please
Ever hear of supply and demand?

Anyway, you can find all the videos you want on youtube.
didnt much music turn into fuse?

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Yes, I'm sure that's the general consensus of MuchMusic viewers, more Megadeth!

You might want it, but 99.9% of their audience doesn't.
What? I understood none of that. Where's the poll?
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THANK YOU!!!! dude i couldn't agree more much music puts such lame song on the T.V. It's no wonder why kids listen to such garbage and not the real music.