I like "pictures in the gold room"

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He swallowed black nail polish and shat the word 'motherfucker' onto a non-metal kid. Rad.

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You can dress a woman slutty, but she's not a slut. Understand?

living inside a drop only to die in an ocean
I don't think they're accepted in the Metal forum... but I like the band nonetheless.

Severed is pretty sweet
this metal core **** should be chimaira is one of the worst **** band i´ve ever heard... i vomited when i heard Resurrection... if I hear another rip off band i will start a rage and kill every one around me...
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I like the song "Wrong Forum"
Wenn die Nack einfällt
bedeckt sie die Welt
mit undurchdringlicher Dunkelheit.
Kälte steigt vom boden auf
und verpestet die Luft
hat das Leben neue

Burzum "Dunkelheit"
There is this awesome song.. Wait..

Drum intro.... Guitars, singer screams *REPORTED*

Wrong forum
I put a dollar in a change machine. Nothing changed.