Hey everyone,
I have a had my Digitech GeNetX (GNX1) Multi-Effects guitar pedal for about a month now.
I really like the pedal and it is a really great

Anyways, I was wondering, is it possible to change the sound of the alternate amp mode on the pedal. I mean like, you're on a setting, the default light is "green" and you have your FX Mode light on (so you can get other sounds) and then you step on the "AMP" button, to make it red, but you don't like the sound of it's distortion [The clean sounds -- mainly all are good, but it is the distortion that I am talking about here]
So yeah, you want to change the "red's" distortion sound. How do you do that WITHOUT it saving it as the default green ??

This may sound a bit confusing, but if you own the pedal and have a lot of exp. with it (unlike me, I just use it) then you should know what I am talking about.

Thank you very much guys for you help and reading this topic. All help is appreciated greatly ! [Sorry for the long message]

-- Kodi
FX MODE LED is on, Status LED is yellow (far left button by the knobs)

If you turn the second knob to the right, it says RED AMP above it, you can change the amp on the red channel.

If you actually want to change the amp's sound, rather than change the amp type, push the yellow button twice so that all the LED's are lit up red, and you can turn the gain down with the first knob (or make other adjustments)

Hope this helps, if it's not clear, let me know.
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