Hey, I was wondering if anyone knew how to age a pickguard (i.e. change the color) at an increased rate. I want to know if it's possible to age my pearl-white pickguard to make it a light-green color.

Can anyone help me?
you can

1-Spray paint it
2-Soak it in coffee for a parchment color
3-Buy a new one
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i have heard that cigarette smoke will age certain things. i think you can buy a bunch of cigarettes, build a box, put a lit cigarette in it, and keep ur pickguard in it. i think itll age it, but itll smell like cigarette smoke alot. Coffee would work too. And Reranch has some Vintage Tint spray, just dont use Nitro on it as a clear coat. Nitro eats plastic. Just use some clear paint.