Right now I have a Kustom 30RC and an Epiphone G-400 SG. I want a good, pretty cheap amp that's very versatile, because I like to play all different styles of music. I heard that the Peavey Windsor and the Marshall JCM900 are good. Any thoughts?
id say JCMs are good. but JCM = $$$. Peavey = $. id go with the Peavey combo. JCM900s are also quite loud, very impractical for anything but gigs rly.
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id say JCMs are good. but JCM = $$$. Peavey = $. id go with the Peavey combo. JCM900s are also quite loud, very impractical for anything but gigs rly.

your post was useless. there are cheap JCMs (DSL 401) and expensive Peaveys (JSX). and yes JCM900s are loud, but so is any amp on full volume, hence why amps have volume controls - so you can turn them up/down to your liking!

i have a 900, its a great amp, its got great cleans IMO, and an awesome distrtion channel, but you'll only get that 'marshall sound' out of it. though it is extremly versatile. i play everything fro jazz to fairly modern metal, not nu-metal mind, and its great. the 50 watters are all anyone would ever need - never had it in a situation where it wasn't loud enoug, but i've been old to turn down plenty of times! and to once again prove the guy above me wrong, i practice in m bedroom with it and its a 50 watt 2x12 combo. yes it sounds awesome cranked but it still sounds great on low volumes.

the windsor doesn't have a clean sound though from what i've heard - its like a jcm800 on steroids, apparently. so it does the cranked jcm800 sound fantasticly, but thats it.

if the 2 amps mentioned were the only ones ou could get then the 900 wins hands down IMO.
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The Windsor isn't all that versatile, it can only go from distortion, to more distortion.
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yeah, the 900 is your best option. 50 watts should be more than enough for practice/gigs.
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How much does the 900 cost? I can't find a site that sells it. And also, those aren't my only choices. Those were just 2 I had noticed looked good.
JCM 900's discontinued, try ebay or craigslist
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I would rather try it first, and Craigslist has none near me. Do you recommend any amps that are still in production?
find one on ebay close to you and go try it then give him the money for it

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