Hello this is my first post....and i wanted help on my guitar!
You see, when i'm playing, my chords have been starting to do an awfull vibrating buzz on the frets, so i asked my friend what could be wrong and he told me that my guitar had its neck bent ... Is there anyway i can fix this? Also the stupid screws where you plug the jack keep falling off... i'm thinking of returning it.
(Sorry if i misspell anything xD its not like i'm english or anything)
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You probably mean to say your friend says your guitar's neck is warped. If you recently bought it new take it back and tell them to fix it. Sounds like it may not be a good guitar. What is the name of the guitar?
your strings might to be to close to the neck, so when you hit a note it hits other frets up the neck, try the screws were the strings come out, and raise the strings up (sorry i suck at explaining stuff hopefully you get what im saying)
I don't really feel comfortable toying with the guitar since i just started playing electric. Anyway i'll have to have it fixed since the guitar jack keeps coming off...
Given you're a new player (at least electric) you should probably get someone who knows about guitars to fix it for you...and next time you buy a guitar you might want to think about buying a more reliable guitar. Squiers have a tendency to do that kind of thing, you know, fall apart.