Hi all, guitar in question: http://www.zzounds.com/item--ESPEC1000

Ive been researching and reading and searching a lot for the past week on which pups would suit me better/are better for this body

EMG 81 pickups (or Seymour Duncan JB/59 Zebra)

I definately play a lot of hardcore and heavy rock but I want pleasing clean tones as well and ive heard the EMGs handle both better , but ive also heard the SDs are the better bet

any opinions?

i personally like the SDs. the just sound better IMHO. the emgs are good, dont get me wrong, but i just like the sound of the duncans better.
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as long as you know how to EQ, the EMGs will do cleans fine, trust me, I love the EMG clean.
id get the emgs
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ill sell you my ec-1000 with the duncans for 600$.... its in great condition
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I chose the emgs
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ill sell you my ec-1000 with the duncans for 600$.... its in great condition


why you all say emgs?
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as long as you know how to EQ, the EMGs will do cleans fine, trust me, I love the EMG clean.

could you please explain
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could you please explain

He's saying if you EQ your clean channel right, the EMGs will sound good.
A tube amp should help to
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it all comes down to preference. emgs do not sound bad at all clean (i especially love the 60/81 combo), saying emgs are only good for metal is retarded and, unfortunately, a common misconception. but i prefer the tone that you get with a pair of good, passive pickups. i've got an ec1000 with sd's and it's my main guitar for basically everything, from cleans to indie to hard rock/80s metal, even jazz and blues.
Choose what you like. The Duncans are more versatile, but its all about what you like.
Yea i'm feeling the SD's right now. anyone got that vintage sunburst and if so hows that baby look? some pictures online are misleading
definately the sd's with the flame, my friend(and bandmate) has a emg vintage one and i d take the duncs over it
i'd get an edwards instead. if you don't get caught with customs (and a lot of US people seem to avoid them), it'd be a similar price, and, IMO, nicer.
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it depends on your personal liking, i believe. try both of them out and then decide. it's your own personal preference, not others. personally i would take the EMGs
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