Poll: Is Flea a Funk, Punk, or Alternate bassist??
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24 41%
6 10%
19 32%
18 31%
15 25%
Voters: 59.
In my last thread, "Who is your favorite punk bassist?", there is a large discussion about what he is. HERE IS YOUR CHANCE!!!

You know you are a bassist when you try to slap a live sting ray.

^ Steve Irwin was a bassist?


the fact is he was heavily influenced by funk, in a punk bad (fear) had a funk punk style for early chillis (self titled through uplift mofo party plan) and no wplays an alternative style
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He's not really any. The fact that he slaps and pops and has a lot of dead notes doesn't make him funk. And I'm not sure what anyone could consider in him to be punk. And alternative? What the hell is that anyway. It seems to me it's just rock bands that gained critical and public acclaim. I wouldn't really put him anywhere. He's managed to fit a funk playing style in with a punk/rock band. He's pretty much broken the boundary of genre.
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Alternative hard rock in the early days, now just straight up pop.
i think he used to be punk then un RHCP he become "funkier" and later more like alternative/funk
but i am nor an expert in flea`s life
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Flea has never limited himself with just one style, he has done it all along the way.
Why wouldn't you make this poll with stereo buttons? This way, I can pick FUNK, PUNK and FUNK/PUNK, or I can select each and every one without selecting ALL. Phail.
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Try to watch some live footage of their shows, he mostly Funky
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Try to watch some live footage of their shows, he mostly Funky

Trust me, Flea ain't funk. He plays with funk elements, but is by no means a funk bassist.

Slap =/= funk. Fuzz (ex-Disturbed) played slap in a lot of songs. You trying to tell me Disturbed are funk?
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how could he be punk? he plays more than tonics

So do Paul Simonon, Matt Freeman, and many, many others. I think Flea was heavily influenced by post-punk in RHCP's early career, especially Gang of Four, which has lots of funk influence. I think a lot of his funkiness comes from indirect funk influence.
All of the above. He brings elements from all of these genres and blends them together.
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