I was listening to the Deliverance cd by Opeth and I wanted to write a song like that. I think it's really fun to play, but also hard at some parts. It's not meant to be an instrumental, which is why some of the parts are long. Like riff 6. An asterisk is where the drums change and usually where singing/screaming would come in. A letter means that one of the guitars changes to something a little different, but it's still the same basic riff. It is over 10 minutes long, and I wrote it in one night. Everything. There were a few tweaks after that, but not much. This is my first attempt at this style, so if you need to, take that into consideration. Crit for Crit!
Black Water.zip
Riff 6B guitar 2 could be worked on a bit.

Everything else was Very impressive. It has the Opeth taste you were going for and the solo was very nice. I absolutely loved it.
You're really going to want to change that name. Admitting heavy influence by a band with an album and song titled Blackwater Park isn't too good of an idea.

It was really good though.
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I didn't realize that they have a song called Blackwater Park. I only have the Deliverance CD.
Thank you both.
You might wanna be careful how you emulate a band... Opeth is original, and people will pick up on it quite easily. Especially when your intro sounds almost just like the mellow section early in Deliverance. (The ride thing mostly)

Half the riffs ended up sounding like a Deliverance medley. Riff 4, 7, and the solo were my favorite, cause they didnt sound like such a rip off.

It flowed well though. So it wasnt bad. Just unoriginal. With some time the writing will get much more original.
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