I would just really appreciate some crit on this, because I've noticed that recently, whenever I've been just improvising or writing it's sounded like something similar to this. Does this sound like a decent trend to stick to?
I've yet to ask anybody, and I've been putting this thread off for a while, so here ya go, all I ask for is a comment (like everybody else). You can listen to it just by clicking on my login name, or if you don't understand the concept of 'top left', then just click here.

Good? Bad?
i liked it, very nice
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It was a pretty cool sounding lick. I'd like to hear a better recording if you could do one.
awesome! very emotional, i liked it alot, watch out for sound levels though, seemed to be some clipping. idk if your going to expand on it, but if u do, id love to hear!
dude, what about an actual solo in death metal instead of that poof from linkin park. Think of Pulse of the Maggots - Bed Of Razors

I like it. It has a very haunting sound. Personally, I have no problem with the quality, I like the way it sounds but.. Well that's just me and I don't have time to go into my personal life.
Nice banana, Andy Warhol.
Yeah I'd love a clearer version, sounded good though. I mean great not just good...you know what I mean.
Dimebag was awesome man... =T
Well see the thing is, It's supposed to sound the way it does. I put reverb and chorus on it, and went to my heaviest distortion channel but almost minimized the gain. The beginning is quiet because I recorded this entire song in 3 tracks, and if I boosted the volume on the beginning, then parts after would clip and be too loud.
Hmmm.. See, I figured it was meant to sound that way because I thought there was nothing wrong with it.
Nice banana, Andy Warhol.
It was too quiet!! Thats probably just my pc, anyway, what i could hear was good.
Pretty nice. I like the flanger. I think you should totally make it longer, or go to some backbreaking crunch riff for it to be a true dimebag tribute. Crit mine? its in my profile.